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Mercedes-Benz Pick-Up to debut in 2018, may cost $45,000

Mercedes-Benz first pick-up is to debut in April 2018. Already, more than 7,000 buyers have registered their interest online for the new Mercedes pick-up.

  According to agency report, the rise in demand comes as the Toyota Hilux is on track to become Australia’s top-selling “car” for the second year in a row, ahead of the Ford Ranger.

 So far this year, according to the Australia Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the Toyota Hilux leads the market with more than 39,000 sales, ahead of the Ford Ranger (35,600).

  In an attempt to cash-in on the sales surge, several brands are poised to introduce brand next year that “will push prices beyond $70,000”.

Ford has released teaser images of its upcoming Ranger Raptor with desert-racer styling and suspension, Holden Special Vehicles will introduce a beefed up version of the Colorado, and Toyota is preparing a TRD Hilux that’s more than just a limited edition accessories pack.

Pricing announced last week shows even the most basic Mercedes pick up  will come with $45,000 plus on-road costs for the most basic version with unpainted bumpers, a vinyl floor, no ute tub and only two-wheel-drive. The flagship four-cylinder turbo diesel tops $65,000, but the V6 turbo diesel due in June 2018 is expected to exceed $70,000.

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